Mapping the Ugandan off-grid energy market

The Uganda Off Grid Energy Market Accelerator (UOMA) is a dedicated and neutral intermediary, focused on scaling off-grid energy access in Uganda Note: ERA = Electricity Regulatory Authority; UIA = Uganda Investment AuthorityGet price


In Uganda, the microfinance industry is meant to play a critical role in providing a range of small financial and non-financial products to its clients such as loans, financial education and wide spectrum of cross-cutting issues like fight against HIV/AIDS and environmental protection.Get price

~ An In-Depth Quantitative Assessment of the Ugandan

assessment in Uganda, this being funded by / DFID. MicroSave. The rest of this document provides a . background to this study, explains how this quantitative assessment compliments the other research activities being undertaken . MicroSave. in Uganda and details the research findings to the study. 1.1.1. The Research ProgrammeGet price


Introduction Sugar is a very vital commodity in every household and its demand has increased both domestically and internationally with the local demand already exceeding supply. The project idea is based on production of sugar using the cheapest technology with an estimated production output of 312,000kgms annually with fixed capital of US$38,100 and operating costs […]Get price

Chapter Three Marketing and Processing Investments

In Uganda, bananas, potatoes, cassava and maize are very important staple food items. For the production areas of central, western and southern Uganda, the focal destinations of the staple food items are the Kampala markets (Owino, Nakawa, Kalerwe, Nateete and others). Food items from Mbale and Kapchorwa generally go to Mbale main market first.Get price

Food security and value supply chain: the case of Ugandan maize

Uganda Living Standards Measurement Study - Integrated Survey on Agriculture (LSMS-ISA) The survey sample includes approximately 3,000 Ugandan households and is representative at national and regional level. The households are visited three times between 2009 and 2012. The main advantage of the survey is the presence of an extendedGet price

Uganda on track to achieve SDG 6 - The Independent Uganda:

“Uganda was among the firs top ten countries to come up with a plan aligned with the SDGs so we do not need to back to start writing other frameworks to meet the SDGS, ” he said, adding that Uganda should be more interested in its priorities, rather than SDGs per se – after all the two rhyme.Get price

Construction of UGX 18b Processing - Uganda Radionetwork

Jan 30, 2020 · Construction of a processing and storage facility has started in Soroti Municipality. The Shillings 18 billion project comes just months to the completion of Soroti Central Market under the Market and Agricultural Trade Improvement Program Project-2 MATIP-2. The new project is co-funded by the African Development, 82% and Government of Uganda, 18%.Get price

Selective SiO2/Al2O3 Etching in CF4 and Sulfr hexafluoride High-Density

Positive Ion Energy and Flux Measurements in Dual Frequency Sulfr hexafluoride/O2 Plasmas Jaiprakash, V. C. / Thompson, B. E. / Electrochemical Society | 1996 print versionGet price

Wafer Processing - 200Mm Silicon Wafer

Aug 01, 2013 · C4F8, O2, Air Huber/Unistat 140W Chiller Accessories: ICP V2- Balun coil Mechanical Clamp Helium Backside Cooling Carousel in MkIV MPX- 2 x 150mm wafers 3KW Source 300/30W platen E-Rack Modules: HCL1 +HCU3 +HCU5+VAC3Y +2x AMC1 +HBC2 Windows 2000 Bosch license CE Marked Current Power Requirements: 400V. 50Hz, 40 Amp, 3 phase Unit can beGet price

(PDF) Business Efficiency in Small and Medium Enterprises In

The study found out that majority of SMEs owners (52%) in western Uganda are female, more than 69% of the SMEs owners are in their early adult hood and majority of the SMEs owners are high schoolGet price

UGANDA Microfinance Sector Effectiveness Review

Uganda was a good country to study because of the high level of strategic coordination among the government, industry practitioners, and donor agencies. These stakeholders share a common vision for the microfinance industry that was proposed by donors and documented in the Donor Principles for Support to Uganda’s Microfinance Sector of 2001. TheGet price

ViennaTS download |

Apr 26, 2016 · Download ViennaTS for free. The Vienna Topography Simulator. ViennaTS is a C++, OpenMP-parallelized Topography simulator, focusing on processing challenges for micro- and nanoelectronics. At its core is the Level Set framework, allowing for an implicit surface description of material surfaces and interfaces.Get price

Credit Supervisor Job Opportunities - Jobs in Uganda

Job Summary: The Credit Supervisor will be responsible for entire credit granting process at the branch level; including the consistent application of credit policy, periodic credit monitoring and reviews of existing customers and the assessment of the creditworthiness of potential loan customers in accordance with UGAFODE Credit policies and procedures with the goal of optimizing the mix ofGet price

List of milk processing companies in Uganda - Wikipedia

Uganda milk exports make good inroads into Kenya As of 2 May 2018. Opportunities and challenges in Ugandadairy industry Firms scale up investment in milk processingGet price

The Competitive Environment in Uganda: Implications for

The paper assesses the Ugandan microfinance sector and the effect of competition therein on microfinance institutions (MFIs) and clients. The authors draw on MicroSaveextensive demand-side analysis of the Ugandan microfinance market to focus specifically and explicitly on areas of intense competition.Get price

Enabling Next Generation Digital Microfinance in Uganda | by

Nov 05, 2017 · The following is a short QA session I was a part of about iDT Labs’ microfinance work in Uganda and how it enables us to bring better better solutions to our West African MFIs and ruralGet price

Primary Processing | Uganda Coffee Development Authority

Dry processing produces coffees that are described as ‘hard’. These are mainly the Robustas grown around the lake Victoria basin and they account for about 85 % of Uganda’s total annual production. The wet processed (washed) coffees are generally superior to the dry processed in terms of physical appearance and the cup taste. B) WetGet price

Oxygen Analysis for Chemical Processing - Bacharach, Inc.

Oxygen Analysis for Chemical Processing Flash fires and explosions are a very real threat to many manufacturers in the chemical and related process industries. In fact, no plant that manufactures or processes flammable liquids, solids, or gases is immune to the risk.Get price

Uganda’s sugar locked out as Kenya bans imports - Daily Monitor

Jul 23, 2020 · Uganda’s biggest sugar producer remain Kakira Sugar Works with an annual production of 180,000 tonnes while Kinyara Sugar Works produces 120,000 tonnes. Sugar Corporation of Uganda LimitedGet price

The role of digital financial services in reaching unserved

Uganda has been ranked 3rd globally in a survey on financial and digital inclusion due to its country-level commitments and regulatory environment2 Background Sources: 1 FSD Uganda, FinScope Uganda: Topline Findings Report, 2018, Link2 Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings, The 2017 Brookings Financial and Digital InclusionGet price

Microinsurance In Uganda: A Case Study Of An Example Of The

The macroeconomic environment of Uganda is illustrated in Table I.A.1, below. Table I.A.1: Uganda Country Basics2 (1998 unless noted and US$ where relevant) GDP (US$ Billions) 6.6 Population (millions) 21 Surface Area (‘000 Km2) 241 GDP/Capita (US$) 310 GDP Growth Rate (1997-8) 5.7% GDP per Capita Rank (of 206) 180 Population per Km2 105Get price

Sugar production in Uganda - Wikipedia

Uganda is the largest producer of granular brown sugar in the East African Community, accounting for about 500,000 metric tonnes annually as of May 2017.. Following a drought that adversely affected the water levels of Lake Victoria, which ended around 2011 or 2012, two misconceptions arose in Kenyapolitical and industrial circles: (a) Uganda was incapable of growing enough raw cane forGet price

Analysis of incentives and disincentives for Maize in Uganda

Uganda’s maize export market is mainly regional, comprising of markets within Eastern and Southern Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan. Exports of maize to Kenya alone more than doubled from 2004 to 2008 (MAAIF, 2010). Uganda’s export potential for maize is estimated between 200,000 and 250,000 MT per year (USAID, 2010).Get price

Comprehensive List of SMEs in Uganda | FSME

In Uganda a 'Micro Enterprise' is an enterprise employing up to four people, with an annual sales/revenue turnover or total assets not exceeding 10 million Uganda shillings. On the other hand Small Enterprises employ between 5 and 49 and have total assets between 10 million Uganda shillings, but not exceeding 100 million. We have compiled a comprehensive list of 1000 […]Get price


Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited (SCOUL) is the third largest Ugandan sugar manufacturer with a crushing capacity of 3,700 tons per day. The Company operates vertically – from sugarcane plantations to the processing of several final products such as raw sugar, raw alcohol and more recently food grade carbon dioxide - with a circularGet price

Uganda2018 Sugar Output May Rise 17% on Top 3 Producers

Apr 17, 2018 · Uganda’s sugar output may climb 17 percent this year to 428,000 metric tons with three top producers expected to boost production, an industry lobby group said.Get price

Other - Advanced Energy Rfg - The Trout Underground

more 150 mm Loadlock with Edwards E2M40 Vacuum Pump High vacuum pump: Pfeiffer MAG 2000 Roughing vacuum pumps: Edwards IQMB250 and IQDP80 RF Generator: ENI Power Systems ACG-3B and Advanced Energy RFG 3001 Number of gas inputs: 4 Process gases: sf6 gas. C4F8, O2, Air Huber/Unistat 140W Chiller Accessories: ICP V2- Balun coil Mechanical Clamp HeliumGet price

SPTS LPX PEGASUS DRIE, Refurbished | For Sale from GCE Market

-Standard gases C4F8, Sulfr hexafluoride, O2, and Ar (100sccm max. for all) Module kits: Decoupled ASE ICP: Heated lower chamber assembly Process module facilities service panel Helium substrate backside cooling MAG Drive 2000 Turbo controller with LCD display Process module Turbo pump Lower Electrode RF enclosure Anti Condensation Kit for low temperature processGet price

Opening opportunities for Ugandan Local Enterprises in the

Mar 16, 2019 · The growth of the Oil and Gas sector in Uganda is opening opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The SMEs are ready to be major players in this space and take opportunities that oil…Get price